Finn Alban

I continually find myself intrigued by the idea of making something of beauty by hand, that is then used in someone’s daily life or perhaps as a part of a ritual. I hope that my pots give pause to an otherwise rushed moment for considering the magic and importance of simple experiences in our lives. The touch of the hand held in the memory of the piece.... every gesture and decision embodied in a soft lump of clay that is then committed to a fire which renders it as permanent . The pattern of the flame and ash on each piece a gift of the process. I am enchanted with the idea of being part of an ancient, on going continuum of potters whose pieces tell a story of culture both personal and historical long after the maker has departed. Whether it be in a pot found in a garage sale or a shard uncovered in a field, holding an old hand made pot evokes in me wonder about both the maker and the user. My aspiration is to celebrate life and creation with a small contribution of my interpretation of beauty in the form of a pot well used.

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