Alejandra Almuelle


Alejandra Almuelle

I was born and raised in Arequipa, Peru, I spent few years living in Pizac and Calca in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco which is a center for ceramic making which induced me to start making pottery at that time. But it is not until I moved to Austin that I decided to work with clay with more dedication. I have two lines of work, functional and sculpture.

On my pottery I like to combine different techniques like air brushing and silk screen under glasses and also brush, sponge and finger paint on green wave. I use stencils to create a layered image and sgraffito and some times I like to sand the surface a little to give it a more subtle finish.

When I work on sculpture I slab build. I usually paint them with oils and use pencil to create drawings and words. I also use polaroid transfers and other materials like metal, wood and concrete. I work mostly on human forms and most of the time there is some form of writing present in each piece.

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