Ed & Kathie Alonso

Our work begins with a deep respect of nature and our connection to the environment.  We feel that every animal, plant, leaf and feather is a work of art in itself.  We combine those interests with the magic of kiln firing that turns clay and glaze into artistic pottery.  Applying a mix of colors and textures to a clay vessel gives us infinite opportunities to create a tapestry of design.  The unpredictability of glaze firing allows each piece to develop its own personality.  Some of our pieces are true to nature while others are more whimsical.   
We begin by creating bisque pieces that are unique in style and shape. Then we choose an animal illustration or motif that is inspired by an individual bisque vessel.  Decorations and designs are added that are true to the nature of the original illustration. We want the finished piece to have a visually complicated design that tells a story as well as to create a piece of art that will remain interesting and enjoyable for years to come.

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