JoLea Arcidiacono

Last winter an anole moved into my studio and took up residence on a potted avocado tree. After spending most of my life in the mountains of Colorado, I find it amusing that even in Texas, I feel the urge to hibernate over the winter-my mind slows down and my spirits follow suit. After a busy autumn and the holiday season that drew me away from my daily studio practice, this little green lizard became a motivation to get back to work.

My sculptures are a reflection of my varied emotions- silly, strange, grumpy, quirky, amused, cheerful or dark. I make art as a form of meditation, or a way to improve my state of mind. I am seldom conscious of the process of creating, my hands just begin to sculpt and as subject matter emerges, I begin to focus on details. My consumption of scientific, historic and fictional literature and imagery has an influence on my creative output.
I hand build each piece in my studio in San Marcos. While my green, tongue-flicking friend moved out in the spring, my husband, two dogs, a cat, several gold fish and a ridiculous number of plants keep me company.

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