Ron Boling


Ron Boling

The character and focus of my work is determined by innovation of form. The mind has a strong tendency to lock itself into its own unique pattern of repetitiveness, justification and laziness. This is the reason I work in the Raku process. Raku allows me to release my mind from habitual and/or conditioned ways of thinking and working with the clay.

The traditional and balanced form are wheel thrown and with solid extruded handles. Some pieces have solid extruded legs to give the piece an animated character, almost cartoon like or animalistic. The pieces are cylindrical, round, oval and bowl shaped and evoke a sense of intimacy. The forms are very clay like and extremely tactile. The surface decorations have no visual exactness of pattern and the inherent flashes and surprises of the Raku process serve to give each piece total individuality.

In using the extruded handles, the pieces reflect individual character reminiscent of a landscape or hill. Each handle is bent, twisted or broken apart then put back together again. This is to create an interior shape surrounded with clay like boundaries forming the visual landscape over the volume of the pot.

The glazes are highly textured, matte colors, earthy in tone and add a sense of crudeness and time. The glazes are unpredictable and have the coloration of flashing reflecting the Raku process.

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