Doug & Beth Brown


Doug & Beth Brown

Potters Brown located in Edom, Texas since 1971, is the home and studio of Doug and Beth Brown.  Doug, originally from Arcata, California, founded the Edom Craft Community and the Potters Brown studio after a 2 year pottery apprenticeship in California.  Beth, originally from Tennessee, exhibited at the Edom Art Fair in 1991, and fell in love with Doug and the media of clay and joined the studio in 1992. 

Everything in the pottery is made by the Browns, where nothing commercial is used, and things operate the way the way they were done hundreds of year ago.  The clay body is made of various wet and dry clays, and the glazes are the result of Doug’s efforts of many years of trial and error, sweat and tears to create the beautiful jewel tones that are the trademark of the studio.  Each piece, is a complete collaboration of efforts .  Both Doug and Beth create the work; wheel thrown, slab, extruded and hand-built forms are then bisque fired to 1850 degrees.  The pots are then glazed, hand painting each piece using a wax-resist method and layering of glazes.  The pots are then fired again to 2400 degrees, in a reduction atmosphere, controlling the gas to air ratio.

“We make work for cooks and those who like to entertain.  Whether it’s a lavish dinner party, or a dinner for two, we want our work to be enjoyed on a daily basis, so we are consistently coming up with new shapes and uses for our customers to appreciate, to grace their table, home, and lives.”

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Contact us at: Doug & Beth Brown, 8287 FM 279, Edom, TX 75754 / 903.852.6473