Andrea Byers


Andrea Byers

I work exclusively with micaceous clay found in the Sangre de Cristos and San Juan mountains of northern New Mexico. This clay has been used for hundreds of years to make cook pots, seed jars, ceremonial vessels and figurines. It is my intention to honor, preserve and carry forward the traditional hand- building techniques used by indigenous peoples of the Southwest. Therefore, pottery wheels and glazes are not employed in the process. The clay tells me what direction to take. Then water, wind, stones, wood and fire all lead the way to a finished piece. This prehistoric process has led me to view mica pots not only as containers for food and other items, but as containers and givers of life. They are as beings, created by the union of clay and water by way of the potter's hands and thoughts, which are transferred to the vessel. When they are fired, they are born. When they are broken, they return to Mother Earth. Understanding pottery from this perspective has made cooking in these vessels extremely satisfying. I am ever mindful of the elemental spirit that goes into the creation of a pot and how in turn the pot creates a sense of community when used to cook foods. Mica in the clay body adds a sweet, earthy flavor to foods. It also acts as a temper and gives strength and insulating capacity that allows one to use this cookware in the oven, the microwave and even on the stove top.

Hawk Landing Pottery Studio is located in Canyon, Texas. Near Palo Duro Canyon State Park. I work full time here as an artisan, crafting this cookware, and offer instruction to others interested in this technique. My work can be purchased at the Santa Fe School of Cooking gift shop, via my website, or by contacting me directly. I regularly participate as a vendor at various shows in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, such as Clayfest in Silver City, N.M. And Wine&Clay at the Llano Winery in Lubbock, Tx.

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Or contact me at:  Hawk Landing Studio, 10570 Cliffwood Drive, Canyon, Tx. 79015 / 806.220.8813