Annie Chrietzberg

As a ceramist, I compose in color, pattern, shape, form, feel, and experience, since functional objects only reach their true potential during actual use.

When making, I orchestrate such things as the sizzle of wavy lines against the plink, plink, plink of a geometric flower.  I will find and expose the hidden repeats within a pattern to eat away at another pattern, as the waves eat the shore.  I am energized by junctions where pattern comes together, sometimes at jangly angles, and pattern, as I use it, also becomes texture with bas-releif that reaches out to your fingertips as you reach toward the piece.   Too much is never enough.

All of my pieces are hand-built, which means everything starts as a flat slab of clay. I assemble my work like a tin-smith, with meticulous dexterity that I have developed through my practice of over twenty years.

My glaze palette is diverse and ever-changing, as well as durable and food safe.  Being vitrified stoneware, my work can be used safely in the microwave and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  Only the truly decadent can fill even their dishwashers with art.

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