Angela Gallia

Angela has been working in clay since the mid 1980's. She currently maintains a private studio in Dallas, Texas. The work is hand-built using a variety of techniques including slab construction, modeling, pinching and coil. Surfaces are decorated with inlayed scrafitto drawings, hand made colored slips, commercial under-glaze, decals and lusters.

Angela's work has been shown throughout the United States and in Canada and has been published in "Clay Times", "Ceramics Monthly", "Functional Pottery" by Robin Hopper, "Clay And Glazes For The Potter" by Daniel Rhodes and "Slab Built Tableware" by Kathy Tripplet. Heroes and mentors include (but are not limited to) Gary Huntoon, Billy Ray and Beverly Mangham, John (dad) Williams, Jack Earl, Rimas Visgirda and Robin Hopper.

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