Linda Gossett


Linda Gossett

I began my artist’s journey at North Texas State University (yes, that’s what it used to be called) acquiring a BFA in Advertising Art /graphic design and illustration. Many moons and many pounds of clay later I achieved the degree of Master of Fine Arts, Ceramics from the University of Dallas this past May.

Now back in my home studio in east Dallas I realize fully how much more there is to learn.  I consider everything an experiment and the only rule is “WORK”.

For Clay Fest this year I am likely to have an equally weighted display of functional and sculptural work. Amusing myself is first, sharing it with you - a close second.

I am pleased to continue teaching ceramics now at Mountain View College.

Look for me on the web at:, or E-Mail at:

Or contact me at: Linda Gossett / 214.240.7229