Linda Gossett


Linda Gossett

I currently am an MFA candidate in ceramics at the University of Dallas. The demands of jumping fully into a graduate program at this stage of my career (I have been working in clay for nearly thirty years) have provided and driven me into an intense study, and an intellectual examination of my own work and what it can become.

I am proud that I finally took the time to stop “production” for a while in order to start filling in the gaps in my knowledge of ceramics. Studying with Dan Hammett at UD has opened up all sorts of possibilities and been an incredible gift.
Dan, myself and usually one other student have (re) built 4 kilns in as many semesters. I have learned all sorts of things about materials and firings. It has been an awful lot of hard work but completely fulfilling.

I’m not sure what my Fair offerings will be this year but I’m tickled to be back at the show!

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Or contact me at: Linda Gossett / 214.240.7229