Fraser Harris

Clay has always been in the life of Fraser Harris. As a teenager living in Thailand, his first firing involved wet clay balls for his slingshot,sneaked into the cook's charcoal fire. He discovered that wet clay explodes in fire and gets ashes all over the rice. He was promptly chased out of the kitchen and called a little brat.  But he learned something about clay. He has continued to have fun with clay, with degrees from Southwest Texas and New Mexico Highlands University. He has 15 years teaching experience but has always returned to his studio in downtown Buda, participating in shows, teaching private lessons, and making a living from clay. He finds all clay intriguing; his house is filled with old Texas clay pots and contemporary pottery. You will probably see humor in most of his work, maybe influenced by that first experience of infuriating a cook.

Contact me at: Fraser Harris, PO Box 207, Buda, TX 78610 / 512.295.2080