David Hendley

2015 will be the 20th year for David Hendley to exhibit at the Texas Clay Festival. He missed the first two gatherings but has attended every year since 1995. David has a master's degree in ceramics and, except for a 5-year sabbatical in the '80’s, when he moved to the piney woods of East Texas to design and build his own house, has been making pottery since 1972. Since 1990, he has operated Old Farmhouse Pottery, in Maydelle, Texas. All of his pottery is made with local East Texas clay and is fired to 2400 degrees in a homemade kiln, using scrap wood from a pallet factory as fuel. To see more of his work and learn more about David and his shop.

Look for me on the web at: www.farmpots.com or E-Mail at: david@farmpots.com

Or contact me: David Hendley, 232 County Road 1805, Rusk, TX 75785 / 903.795.3779