Cecy Holcomb

Cecy Holcomb earned her B.F.A. in Studio Art with a specialization in Ceramics at Texas State University in 2006.  Cecy and her husband, Travis, built their studio in 2006 in San Marcos, Texas and in 2007, Holcombville Pottery was created.
Cecy’s work is primarily wheel-thrown, altered, slip-decorated and fired in an oxidation atmosphere.  She uses both porcelain and stoneware clay bodies and colorful glazes.  She is inspired by traditional and organic forms and enjoys knowing that her pottery is used not only for special occasions but also on a daily basis.
Cecy’s current body of work is called Aguas Frescas.  If you are not familiar with the term, these are the fruit infused drinks sold during many festivals. Vendors would sell Aguas Frescas in paper conical cups forcing the user to focus on finishing the drink before it collapsed or tore.  She wanted to capture the essence of having a refreshing drink in a personal setting.  Instead of a drink at a festival, it would be on a porch and poured from a handmade ceramic pitcher and not a mass-produced jug.  The drink would also be poured into a handmade ceramic cup versus a paper cup so the drinker could enjoy the beverage.  The Agua Frescas drinks bring back memories of Cecy’s youth when her mother would make large pitchers of Agua de Limόn, Agua de Sandía, or Agua de Melόn.  These drinks were also enjoyed during shopping excursions to and from Mexico.   Her hope is that the Agua Frescas series brings back some nostalgia for some, and an introduction to a wonderful experience of enjoying cool refreshing drinks in handmade cups.


Look for me on the web at: www.holcombvillepottery.net or E-Mail at: cecyholcomb@yahoo.com

Or contact me at: Cecy Holcomb / 512.353.3209