Diana Kersey

Diana Kersey has earned a BFA from Texas Tech, and a MFA in ceramics from Washington State. She has taught ceramics, drawing, and design at the Southwest School of Art, San Antonio College, and Palo Alto College. She has operated her business, Kersey Ceramics, for over a decade, producing functional pottery, architectural ceramics, public art, and irrigation ollas. Kersey has recently completed construction on a new studio space, built to all the specs she has dreamed about, and is looking forward to what the space will bring in regards to her art practice. She lives in San Antonio with her loving wife, Christina, and the required allotment of dogs and cats.

Look for me on the web at: www.kerseyceramics.com E-Mail at: diana@kerseyceramics.com

Or contact me at: Diana Kersey / 210.573.7418