Lebeth Lammers

I don't care much about intellectualizing art, especially my own,  but the creative process is my life's blood. I began making things in my early childhood and I have never stopped.  What started as a childhood passion has been refined through a fine arts education until today, in fact for 30 plus years now,  I've made my living as an artist.  On the best days, I feel the exhilaration of walking out to the studio, looking at what I did the day before and picking up the thread again.  And as in childhood, itís the organic, tactile process and its visual results that define my work, but now with the benefit of an adultís experience and education.  Once I finish a piece, I can often see its inspiration, which may be dreams, observations or that universal source, nature.   But conscious understanding of it usually comes later, is secondary, and hopefully curious.


Look for me on the web at: www.lebethlammers.com

Or contact me at: Lebeth Lammers / 713.303.9445