Picking your poisons….
My life is always reflected in my work somehow. I have recently found myself in a place where I am concerned about healthy eating vs. processed and fast foods and living in the moment vs. obsessive worrying about the future. My lifestyle is changing and my work, when used, encourages others to do so as well. The thought of eating or drinking out of a form that might “harm” you is disturbing, but it is the food served in those dishes that can cause the real damage.

Special Techniques
Hand made ceramics created from mid-fired stoneware with carved linoleum that is embossed onto slabs of clay for raised texture. Surface finishing consists of ceramic stain, hand mix glazes, and commercial glaze. The spikes on my work have served a barrier to keep myself at a distance, reminiscent of the function of cactus spikes and punk studs. The small applied skulls to me become an everyday reminder to live life to its fullest trying not to get too caught up in the details, because we all know what our eventual outcome will be.
Lotus, a native Texas ceramist, is enthusiastic about sharing the passions of clay through her bodies of work and teaching. She has an MFA from the University of Houston and after several years has gone back to teaching ceramics there, as well as at other local community colleges. She has also been an Artist in Resident at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, a co-chair for Empty Bowls Houston, and been in several ceramics magazines and filmed for HGTV . Lotus’ future goals are to push the awareness, growth, and appreciation for clay in the Houston area through connecting with other artists and education of the history, craft, and concepts of clay.

Look for me on the web at: www.claymatter.com or E-Mail at: claygirl_bermudez@yahoo.com