Debra Steidel

My work is made from porcelain clay, hand thrown on the potters’ wheel. Each vessel has a hand-sculpted lid, drawn on my life-long influences within nature. The addition of these finely crafted lids brings each of my vessels to life. The final glazing of the work is where the lasting transcendence occurs. Applications of several distinct glazes are applied to both lid and vessel. This is where I attempt to control the uncontrollable; painting with heat and time. my oxides are my pigments, the kiln is my palette. Like “frost growing on a window pane”, crystal formations produce a true one-of-a-kind art piece. Unforeseen alchemy makes this challenging method all worth while. The lidded  vessel has always been intriguing; the time honor history of its beginnings, the ceremonial contents it may have held throughout time.  The grandness of its presence has inspired my body of work.  Just as the vessel itself is so important, the lid reveals a mood and spirit to each piece.

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