Paul Uhl


Paul Uhl

I work decorative first, functional, well not so much. Using multilple layers of underglazes and glazes on a white earthenware clay to create my personal look. Each piece is either wheel thrown and or slab made.
Paul's background in clay started at Luther College in Iowa, studying with Dean Schwartz and the chance to work with Marquerite Wildenhain. Afterwards he traveled out to Tuscarora nevada to study with Dennis Parks and his many California friends. Followed by an apprenticeship in Saint Paul MN. Later some studio work in Houston Texas, some time in Denmark and finally finishing up his formal education at the University of Texas in Austin. Since then he has worked as a studio potter in Smithville Texas.

Paul shows and sells his work all over the country. He is represented by numerous galleries and has his work in many private collections.

When not in the studio or a show, he spends many hours with his kids, on their bikes riding, racing all over the country.

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Or contact me at: Paul Uhl, 302 Short St., Smithville, TX 78957 / 512.636.4149