Paulina Van Bavel-Kearney

Paulina was a student of Ishmael Soto at UT Austin in the late 60’s. A graduate of the fine arts department at the University of Texas in 1971 she joined the growing number of artists trying to make a living as functional potters and teaching in the “back to nature” movement that came out of the 60’s.  She taught ceramics and worked in various studios in the rapidly growing city.  Working as a functional potter, experimenting with raku, and primitive firing techniques it wasn’t until 1976 that she developed an unusual combination of techniques that became her signature style.    While teaching at St. Stephens Episcopal School she worked with students to understand the American Indian techniques and found her own.  Using earthenware clay she polishes her work with terra sigillata and fires the forms in sawdust.  A regional painter , William (Bill) Hoey ,gave her a chance to be in his new gallery in Austin, and attention to her work grew.  Several other galleries in Texas gave her one person shows that launched her career. After being honored as a recipient of the J, Frank Dobie  “Paisano” grant she and her husband decided to make the move to the country.  They re-settled on her husband’s family ranch in Colorado County, near Columbus, Texas. Jim and Paulina operate a cattle business and raised three children in this rural community. They are still active in local civic and art endeavors.  Paulina has served on the board of the Live Oak Art Center for many years, and they are both active at the Nesbitt Memorial Library, both centers for artists in our area.  She has participated in many group shows across the state of Texas, including museum shows  at Laguna Gloria, the Art museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi, and has a piece in permanent collection of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  She exhibits in Houston at Harris Gallery, Round Top Gallery, Round Top and has work in the Houston Fine Arts Museum and the Art Museum of South Texas. She was a frequent prize winner at the Texas Craftsman show at the Winedale Spring Festival.  Her work is in many private collections in Texas and around the nation and world. 

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