Paulina Van Bavel-Kearney


Paulina Van Bavel-Kearney

Every potter searches for his or her own style to bring their creativity and inspiration together into their own expression.   I found mine in a combination of Greek, American Indian, African techniques mixed together with old fashioned sawdust firing.  The finish is a "terra sigilatta slip, low fired in a modern electric kiln.  I have enjoy experimenting with abstract shapes and I am obsessed with smoothness. I use earthenware clay to make and to polish the work, with the terra cotta colors contrasting vibrantly after the magic touch of the smoke firing.  In addition to this style ,that I have experimented with for 45 years, I have lately  been enjoying making some utilitarian pieces for the Empty Bowls Projects to feed the hungry, and to feed  my own family and friends.  There is nothing like living with beautiful handmade work that makes serving and cleaning up a pleasure. I call this line of work "Texas Terra Cotta".   The exteriors are polished and fired with the same slip as my classical forms while the interiors are brushed with a commercial black glaze.  I honor my recently deceased teacher, Ishmael Soto, for his inspiration to study pottery making world wide, and for his emphasis on being involved with all aspects of the process of clay making, from start to finish.  I also thank the community of Texas potters  that have formed around clay, a truly beautiful family.

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