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Patrick Veerkamp

I strive to make pots that speak softly in a formal language that is easily understood and applicable to objects intended for daily use in a domestic setting.   This allows my pots to integrate with their surroundings and to be familiar enough to engage the user in a casual yet meaningful way.  Indeed, I believe that familiarity through use is the only way my work can be understood and appreciated.

I try not to impose ideas on my pots but find that for the most part they reflect what I am thinking, feeling, and experiencing at the moment.  Recently I have been looking at and thinking about early-American folk pottery; the late 19th century Arts & Crafts movement in England and America; connections between my work and my garden (chili peppers, garlic, herbs, flowers); simple food preparation and service; tea; the joys of music; the beauty of silence; and the idea of reconciliation.  I feel no partiality for any particular pottery style and I draw freely from the full range of cultural traditions from around the world.  I am interested in interpreting traditional pot forms and adapting them to my own needs and aesthetic predilections.

I feel spiritually connected to potters of the past and to that lineage of men and women that extends back to prehistoric times.  I am linked to these individuals by the desire to make useful and aesthetically pleasing pots that are part of the everyday life of their owners.  This bond is strong and sustains my passion for making functional pots.

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Or contact me at: Patrick Veerkamp / Art & Art History Department Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX / 512.863.1370